Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Number Formation!

How do you teach kids to write numbers?  

Here are the poems I use to correctly form the numbers!

1 - Straight line down, and then we are done. That's the way to make the one!
2 - Round the track and back, two, two, two!
3 - Around a tree, around a tree, that's the way to make a three!
4 - Down and over and down some more, that's the way we make a four!
5 - The bee goes down, around the hive, go back up to make a five!
6 - Make a C then in you go, now you've made a six you know!
7 - Across the sky, then slant the line, makes a seven every time!
8 - Make an S and do not wait, go back up to make an 8!
9 - First a circle, then a line, that's the way to make a 9!
0 - Round and round just like a O.  Look, now you've made a 0!

I also use an interactive independent practice sheet to reinforce this.  Here is a sample where the students glue the tree's into the three and then practice writing the number with the poem!  I have made these pages free for the next two days, so please stop by to get them (and leave comments if you love!)

Enjoy!  Jennifer at

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