Monday, September 5, 2011

A Free Directed Drawing Kit to Kick Off Fall

Have you ever heard of Directed Drawing (some call it Guided Drawing)?
Well, it's your chance to give it a whirl because I am offering my followers and fans a FREE directed drawing kit to kick off the year.  It is simple and you'll feel confident using it even if it is your first directed drawing experience.  It is based on an object that children of all ages are familiar with:  an apple.
This kit includes:
*a step by step pictorial guide
*a step by step written guide (for you to read to your students as they draw OR for older students to read and complete the drawing on their own.
*posters for you to project and trace as students follow along on their own drawing.
Click here to grab this FREE kit!

Directed Drawings have many benefits for each grade level hitting many Listening, Language and Literacy Common Core Standards as you direct them through each activity.  All I ask, if you choose to download it, is that you leave me feedback regarding the kit whether you do it upon download or after you have completed the activity with your students.  I appreciate and value all feedback and will use it to proceed with my plan to create many popular primary age-related  Directed Drawing kits.

I already have a Pete the Cat Activity Kit that includes a Directed Drawing as well as many other activities to go with the popular book written by Eric Litwin.  It is selling like hotcakes, so I am thinking there is a market for this type of product, but I want to hear that from all of YOU before I go blazing forward with this project!

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