Monday, September 5, 2011

SF Reading Street High Frequency Words FREEBIES!!

These are SF Reading Street high frequency words. I call them Star Words! This is a game that you can play in small groups or put in a station! Print the cards on cardstock, or mount them to construction paper and laminate. There are so many ways to use these cards. The students can play with a partner or in a group.

1.They lay the cards face down and take turns drawing one card. If they can read the Star Word, then they get to keep it. If not, then they put it back.

2.Print 2 sets of cards. Play Star Word Memory.

I Know My Star Words Game

You can print these in business cards. I have used them for games, and to make posters! Possibilities are endless!
Star Words Bus Cards

I use this in the writing station and their mini offices!
Star Word Wall

Live Love Laugh

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