Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing With Spaghetti???!!!@@ What?? Yup and a Freebie Too!@

Okay, so I was thinking about what can be straight and curve to form letters, numbers, and shapes and I came up with SPAGHETTI!  Of course, I could never just do anything simple or plain, so I cooked up spaghetti with food dye and oil to make BLUE spaghetti.  How fun is that? 
I just plop a pile on the students' tables on top of a paper towel and they go to work making lines and curves.  We did their names first (I just wrote their names really big on a strip of paper), but then I decided we should review the basic shapes.  I wanted to see if the ones who had difficulty with the various curves and lines in letters would have an easier time with simple shapes and, in doing my research, the answer is YES.  Next time, I will definitely start with simple shapes. 
And then, of course, they can eat whatever is left over.  They have been asking to do this activity again, so I think we will do it for the numbers 1-10!
Here is the page I designed to test out Spaghetti Writing:
Click here to get the FREE Google Doc

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