Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Gang Loves Writing Labels

Hi My New Gang! I just love saying that! :) This is my first posting and I am super super excited to be a part of this new adventure!  First, my name is Pam and my blog is Can Do Kinders.   I teach Kindergarten in North Carolina.  I haven't always taught K, but it is my most favorite grade in the world!  The kiddos are fantastic plus don't you love to see the growth they make in just 1 year? 
I love creating fun and engaging games and adding a bit of color in all my creations.   Last year I bought several  a bunch of composition books for my class for writing journals.  To make them engaging, fun and to hide the front, I made labels.   Run, don't walk over to my site and pick it up and check out the other things I am up to. 


  1. happy to see you posting with our Gang! This school year is going to be super special because of ALL of our new Teamies!

    The Schroeder Page

  2. I am so happy too.... It is going to be great and I am so excited! Thank you for all your hard work! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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