Wednesday, August 24, 2011

College?! In kindergarten?!

Hey gang!  Today I was making some copies for my college station and any of you guys talk about college with your kinders?  Several years ago, my school started taking every single child on a college tour.  They start out visiting the community college in kindergarten and work their way up to the University of Kentucky in fifth grade.  It is so amazing to watch them on a college campus and to hear them tell me, "I'm going to go here!!!"  I hope they do!
Last year we decided to take it a step further and do college stations in our classrooms.  Here, our kids learn about the admissions process, campus life, degree requirements, etc.  It's hard to fit it in all the time, but the kids love it when I make time for it!  Here's something I made for kindergarteners to learn about the college admissions process {it's way simplified, of course}.  It had to tie into math, so when we do this we also talk about patterns.

You can download it here and read more about college station.  Do any of you guys have resources for talking about college with little ones?  I'm always looking for ideas!

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