Sunday, August 14, 2011

Excited to be a part!

Just wanted to say welcome and introduce myself.  I am Jennifer with Empowering Little Learners!  I have taught kinder for 6 years and a few other grades for 3 additional years!  I heart K!  I have a master's in Early Childhood Education and have presented at the national I Teach K conference in Las Vegas just this year!  I am currently setting up a kinder room in a new district... a much needed change for me professionally, personally, and especially emotionally!  I look forward to sharing and learning from fellow blogger and especially from our readers... you are the ones who fuel us!

For now... head on over to see Tips for Surviving the First Day of Kindergarten!  I have decided to forfeit the dress and wear my I heart K polo and sneakers this year!  It's all about survival and love the first day people!  Stop by for some other great tips (even if you have already had the first day!)  

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