Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Biggest Giveaway Ever!

This is me saying Thank You over and over! Ha ha!

I am so excited that I was the Featured Teacher in the TpT 10 Free Downloads Newsletter today, that I want to share some of it with all of YOU!  Here is the deal:
I want to give one of my followers $100 to my store.  Yup, that's right, $100.  That would buy you a good portion of my products in my store.  I also want to give EVERYONE an opportunity to choose one FREE product of your choice ($5 or less) if you choose to do numbers 1-5 listed on my blog or if you already do!
To enter, you can do one, some, or all of the following for an entry.  Each entry needs to have your email address and what the entry is for.
Even if you don't have your own classroom, think about using this as a gift to the k/1 teachers in your building or your children's teachers.  I will be flexible how you use your $100 if you win (4 $25 for each team member, etc...) and work with you to make the best of your winnings.
If you are reading this before Thursday November 10th, click on my blog button below to find out how you can enter and if you qualify for a free product.

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